NAMA – National Association of Model Agencies – is a registered Non – Profit Company that was established in 1976.

Over the past 40 years the aims and objectives of the Association have been clear; to ensure that transparent, highly ethical business standards are maintained by the Association and our Members, vigilant in our relationships with Government, Organizations and Clients alike and to strengthen and expand our existing relationships with all parties that form part of the Industry.

The education of our Members on the laws, rules, regulations and terms and conditions that govern our Industry, have also been of paramount importance.

The day to day activities of NAMA is overseen by Jacques Holtzhausen, a veteran in the Industry with 30 years experience. He is assisted by the Executive Committee that brings with their dedication, knowledge, guidance and passion for the South African Model Industry.

NAMA incorporates Children’s, Character and Talent Agencies in South Africa. Its Members represent Models, Characters, Children, Talent and Artists appearing in Advertising in all media in South Africa as well as the International market.

As a voluntary Business Membership Organization; NAMA does have influence but not power over the business choices made by its Members. Membership of NAMA brings with responsibilities, rights and benefits. It is recognized that the Industry in South Africa is vulnerable to perceptions that are created by poor ethical conduct.

Therefore, a specific objective of the Members of the Association is to ensure that high ethical business standards are maintained. Member Agents including their employees, must refrain from being party to, or condoning, any illegal activities such as fraud, theft, non – observance of work permit conditions and any other activity which will be detrimental to the perception of the Industry and the Association by Clients.

The maintenance of proper and respectful relationships between the Association and other Associations, Government Departments, Local Authorities, Agencies to Agencies or any other Bodies which impact upon the interests of our Members is of great importance.

NAMA believes that unethical conduct is not only damaging the Model, Artist and Talent Agency, but is detrimental to the image of the Agency and thus reflecting negatively on NAMA.

NAMA believes in healthy competition amongst its Members, such as is appropriate to the free market economic system, but seeks to ensure that competitive activity is at all times ethical.

NAMA also believes that credible competition is necessary for an efficient functioning economy.

Association Objectives

  • To be the adjudicating body for Membership to NAMA.
  • To represent and promote the interests of Member Agencies as principals in business.
  • To establish and maintain among its Members the business practices and conduct, standards and services associated with a professional body.
  • To promote the highest possible standards of Agencies in South Africa.
  • To discourage dishonest and undesirable practices in Modelling and related fields of activity.
  • To specify commonly accepted practice in the Industry, so that both Clients and Agencies are aware of their respective rights and obligations.
  • To encourage fair remuneration for Models, Children, Talent and Artists.
  • To encourage a recognition of standards amongst Agencies Personnel, Models, Talent and Artists.
  • To represent the Industry in important negotiations with Government, Media, Representative and marketing related Bodies, Commerce and organizations within our Industry – ACA, CPA, SAASP, SAPAMA and the PMA.


Transparent, highly ethical business conduct and standards are maintained by the National Association of Model Agencies and our Members. Followed by sustainability in our relationships with Government, Industry Organizations and Clients alike. To strengthen and expand unity and knowledge with all parties that form part of the Industry.


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